Story Games Immortalized is a Free to Play game, about to become the first Hidden Object Game with NFT Utility, and a Beta version is already available.
Upcoming features will include further stories, match-3, tournaments, clans and player vs player battles.
Join the release of our character collection NFTs in August, and gain benefits in the Story Games universe!

The Game

For more information about the game, the stories and features: Story Games Memorandum

Download beta version


Phase 1 (prior to release until sellout of 1st collection):

01. Beta release of Story Games Immortalized (an epic spy story with hidden object gameplay) - It’s already released, go check it out!

02. NFT Mint launch for the Story Games Character Collection #1 NFTs in September 2022 (the total will amount to 15000 NFTs, released in 6 collections of 2500 each)

03. The minting price for the first 2500 is expected to be ETH 0.02

04. All NFTs will have utility in the game prior to release and will be based on characters in the Story Games universe

05. New games, features and NFT utility will gradually be added to our project after each sellout, including but not limited to:

• Match-3, Hidden Objects and Time Management games, Pvp (player vs player), leagues, tournaments, clans, player profile, collections, achievements, quiz etc

Phase 2 (after sellout of 1st until sellout of 2nd collection):

01. Community Idea Lab Discord channel will be launched for Story Games NFT holders

02. More NFT utility will be added after each sellout

• 2 further experienced game developers/designers will be hired after sellout of first collection
• A new story will be added to the application within 6 months after collection #1 sells out - Paranormal investigators in Ghosts of Blanoby!

03. The launch date of collection #2 will depend on market conditions, and the demand we see for collection #1. We are JPEG degens too, and we have seen that inflating the supply of NFTs in an ecosystem can hurt a community’s biggest supporters if not handled carefully. This is also why our mints are low and our collection sizes are small. We’re here for the vibes. WAGMI!

Phase 3 (after sellout of 2nd collection):

01. A new Match-3 version of Story Games will be launched within 6 months after collection #2 sells out - either Paper Squares and Purple Stars (a world of crazy rave parties) or Beyond Limits (an intergalactic sci-fi story), our community will decide!

02. A new hidden object version of Story Games will be released within 6 months after collection #2 sells out - Story Games History, an intriguing and educational history game where you play as historical characters!

03. There will be a total of 6 collections with 2500 NFTs in each collection. Up to 50 NFTs will be withheld from each collection to be given out as prizes and gifts.



Join our cast of exotic and out of this world characters in a thriller of a journey filled with action, mystery, romance, and challenges! Follow Moris, who awakens from a coma with amnesia only to find he has agreed to a deadly assignment and is in serious trouble.

He embarks on a quest to investigate and look for clues in order to uncover the truth, gets some unexpected but crucial help from a superhacker named Voly, and finds himself flung head-first into a roller-coaster of an adventure.

Ghosts of Blanoby

Paranormal investigators are seeking to unravel the mysterious curse of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester fortune. Her house is said to be haunted by every soul ever lost to a Winchester weapon...

Paper Squares And Purple Stars

In this revealing journey through the world of underground raves, real-life party promoter John Vibes takes you behind the scenes with his most mind-blowing stories from inside the industry.

Promoter in Paradise

Tuti is on a mission – she's been tasked with saving the party of the year, but the odds are stacked against her! Not only is the competition trying to trip her up, she's also saddled with a mother who wants to see her out of the workforce and into a wedding dress... It's a race against the clock, from the Bali burbs through the rice fields to the hedonistic night clubs, where one night could change everything!

Beyond Limits

400 years into the future, Earth has been surrendered to ATOS, an artificial intelligence more powerful than it should ever have become. Humans, meanwhile, have fled, scattered to the four corners of the cosmos. Experience the epic struggle of the Azir, the ragtag crew of the warship Bella, as they run from a nefarious organization that designs genetic slaves.

The Team

The Immortal Games team is hands-on, flexible and passionate with more than 20 team members in total, including game designers, project and community managers, programmers, art director, graphic designers, special effects specialist, writers, researchers and editor. Key team members for the Story Games NFT project are as follows:

Remy Sharp
Ole Petter Hoie | Project Manager

An autodidact, free-thinker, life-long gamer and self-educated entrepreneur, Ole Petter Hoeie started his first company from the ground up at the age of 22. By 26, he was manufacturing and selling his brand "Citrosept" (Grape Fruit Extract) to 10 countries, to 28 countries by 34. Ole began his adventure in video games in 2004, when he successfully registered "Machine Dance", a game inspired by the Japanese hit "Dance Dance Revolution" as an official sport in Norway. He then hosted six European Machine Dance Championship events, which featured competitors from up to 19 countries and received international media attention. Following the success of “Machine Dance”, Ole developed and released "iDANCE", a multiplayer dance game which can connect up to 32 players simultaneously. "iDANCE"; was adopted as a tool to fight childhood obesity in several countries, and was used in multiple university studies on cognitive ability, motivation, and learning. Ole was even invited to a panel debate on digital revolution at the first European Youth Event of the European Parliament in 2014.

Since 2017, Ole has been working with an international team of writers, graphic designers, and programmers on his latest project, "Story Games". Story Games is a Netflix-style platform for "choose-your-own-adventure" digital novels. An original in the genre, it promotes self-empowerment by encouraging players to do their own research, think for themselves, and question dynamics of power, obedience, and influence in society.



Remy Sharp
John Vibes | Community Manager

John Vibes is an author and former journalist who has been writing and speaking about the crypto space since 2013, when he first learned about the Silk Road. John began his career in 2008 when he formed his first business, Good Vibes Promotions, a company that hosted underground raves in places like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. After a few years, the stress of the music industry became too much, so John allowed new management to take over the rave crew while he pursued a life in activism, writing, journalism and public speaking. He quickly made a name for himself for his prolific writing, but had to slow down in 2015 to handle a cancer diagnosis.

During his battle with cancer, John continued to write, releasing two books, including a memoir about his years in the rave scene, "Paper Squares & Purple Stars: My Life As A Rave Outlaw." This book will be the subject of a future Story Games release! After recovering from his battle with cancer, John dove into crypto full time, after finding an early blockchain blogging website called Steemit, and then getting a job writing for Crypto Globe. Now he helps with writing for crypto influencers, including BitBoy Crypto, and works as the community manager for a ReFi project called Solid World DAO. John has been minting NFTs since 2020, but this is the first project that he has been willing to put his name on and share with his audience.

Remy Sharp
Ivan Susatya | Graphic Artist

Ivan Susatya is a Graphic designer specializing in 2d graphic design including vector arts, digital illustration, concept arts, and Game Ui design.

With 10 years of experience being a freelance graphic designer in various startups, commissions and independent projects.

Currently Lead graphic designer at Immortal Games Ltd.

Remy Sharp
Bastien Billey | NFTs Developer

Bastien has been coding for the past 10 years in various web2 start-ups, primary as an Android developer. Even though he has been in crypto since 2015, it's only after finding out about NFTs that he knew he had switch to the web3 side, focusing on Smart Contract, frontend and whatever else needed. Most recently he has taken part in successfully launching the Kumaverse NFT project, being part of the dev team. Most likely you will find Bastien coding, while listening to sweet 200 bpm tracks.